Organisation History

The first central administrative body for cricket in Australia was established in March 1892, when delegates from the state associations of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria established the Australasian Cricket Council.

The Council disbanded seven years later, and the Australian Board of Control for International Cricket was formed in 1905. Its first meeting was attended by two representatives from each of New South Wales and Victoria. A delegate from Queensland attended its second meeting later that year; and its constitution was amended in 1906 to formally allow for one representative from Queensland and three from each of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

Tasmania was permitted one representative from 1907, while Western Australian representation became a reality from 1913. The only other changes to the number of delegates provided by the states were made in 1914 and 1974 respectively, when Queensland and Western Australian representation increased to two each.

The organisation changed its name in 1973 to the Australian Cricket Board then on 1 July 2003 it became Cricket Australia.

Chairs/Chief Executives

Mike Baird AO was elected Chair of Cricket Australia on 10 December 2022 becoming the 41st Chair in the organisation's history.

Every member state has been represented at least once as Chair. The longest serving Chairs were Allen Robertson (1930-33, 1936-45, 1948-51) and Aubrey Oxlade (1927-30, 1933-36, 1945-48, 1952-52), while the best-known was Sir Donald Bradman (1960-63, 1969-72).


Richard Teece (New South Wales) 1892-1893
Richard Best (Victoria) 1893-1895
Mostyn Evan (South Australia) 1895-1896; 1910-1911
John Gibson (New South Wales) 1896-1897
Will Whitridge (South Australia) 1897-1900
Lawrence Adamson (Victoria) 1905-1906
Ernie Bean (Victoria) 1906-1907; 1912-1913
George Barbour (New South Wales) 1907-1908
George Foxton (Queensland) 1908-1910
Charles Eady (Tasmania) 1911
William McElhone (New South Wales) 1911-1912
Joseph Allen (Queensland) 1913-1914
Harry Blinman (South Australia) 1914-1919
Harold Bushby (Tasmania) 1919; 1925-1926
Harry Gregory (Western Australia) 1919-1920; 1922-1923; 1926-1927
Harry Rush (Victoria) 1920-1922
John Hutcheon (Queensland) 1923-1924
Bernard Scrymgour (South Australia) 1924-1925
Aubrey Oxlade (New South Wales) 1927-1930; 1933-1936; 1945-1948; 1951-1952
Allen Robertson (Victoria) 1930-1933; 1936-1945; 1948-1951
Roy Middleton (South Australia) 1952-1955
Frank Cush (New South Wales) 1955-1957
Bill Dowling (Victoria) 1957-1960
Sir Don Bradman (South Australia) 1960-1963; 1969-1972
Ewart Macmillan (New South Wales) 1963-1966
Bob Parish (Victoria) 1966-1969; 1975-1980
Tim Caldwell (New South Wales) 1972-1975
Phil Ridings (South Australia) 1980-1983
Fred Bennett (New South Wales) 1983-1986
Malcolm Gray (Victoria) 1986-1989
Colin Egar (South Australia) 1989-1992
Alan Crompton (New South Wales) 1992-1995
Denis Rogers (Tasmania) 1995-2001
Robert Merriman (Victoria) 2001-2005
Creagh O'Connor (South Australia) 2005-2008
Jack Clarke (South Australia) 2008-2011
Wally Edwards 2012-2015
David Peever 2015-2018
Earl Eddings (Victoria) 2018-2021
Richard Freudenstein (Acting) 2021-2022
Lachlan Henderson (Western Australia) 2022-2022
Mike Baird AO (New South Wales) 2022-Current

Secretaries/Chief Executive Officers

John Portus (New South Wales) 1892-1896
John Creswell (South Australia) 1896-1900
William McElhone (New South Wales) 1905-1910
Colin Sinclair (New South Wales) 1910-1911
Sydney Smith (New South Wales) 1911-1927
William Jeanes (South Australia) 1927-1954
Jack Ledward (Victoria) 1954-1960
Alan Barnes (New South Wales) 1960-1980
David Richards (Victoria) 1980-1993
Graham Halbish (Victoria) 1993-1997
Malcolm Speed (Victoria) 1997-2001
James Sutherland (Victoria) 2001-2018
Kevin Roberts (NSW) 2018-2020
Nick Hockley (Acting) 2020-2021
Nick Hockley 2021-Current